S.W.I.F.T Service Bureau -
Sri Lanka.
Lanka Financial Services Bureau LTD
to achieve cost advantages to the financial community in Sri Lanka in sending secure financial messaging within the financial network in both global and local contexts. Outsourcing the services of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) has given the advantage of cost and dedicated team for managing services for LFSB.


LFSB provides Total SWIFT Solution (Connectivity and messaging infrastructure) for interbank financial telecommunications to customers (on shore, off shore); primarily the Sri Lankan financial institutions including the regulator Central Bank of Sri Lanka and leading state banks, with Disaster Recovery (DR) on connectivity, 24/7 basis at 99.999% availability.

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We provide connectivity for any User who required to be connected with the Global SWIFT Network which highly secured for interbank financial telecommunications. The prospect needs to contact us on Help Desk by an e-mail request stating the details of the connectivity.

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