S.W.I.F.T Service Bureau -
Sri Lanka.
LFSB Provides SWIFT connectivity and messaging infrastructure for interbank financial telecommunications to all potential SWIFT users in Sri Lanka and off shore.


LFSB provides Total SWIFT Solution (Connectivity and messaging infrastructure) for interbank financial telecommunications to customers (on shore, off shore); primarily the Sri Lankan financial institutions including the regulator Central Bank of Sri Lanka and leading state banks, with Disaster Recovery (DR) on connectivity, 24/7 basis at 99.999% availability.

The newest addition of SAA 7.0 messaging infrastructure will help to reduce the cost of using SWIFT by 35% - 45% with standards of resilience, redundancy and Business continuity, specified by SWIFT.
LFSB has been audited by SWIFT Internal Auditors from Belgium and an independent report is available upon request directly from SWIFT or LFSBL.

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