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Use this form to join LFSBL. The LFSBL User application and status are governed by the LFSBL General Membership Rules (see the LFSBL By-laws).
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The LFSBL User application and status are governed by the LFSBL General Membership Rules (see the attached Service Level Agreement (SLA)).

Acceptance of an applicant LFSBL user shall not be effective unless confirmed in writing by LFSBL. Notwithstanding eligibility under applicable LFSBL eligibility and admission criteria, LFSBL reserves at all times the right to reject an application as LFSBL user or to expel a LFSBL user if LFSBL reasonably determines, based on evidence available, that the access to or use of LFSBL services and products by that prospective or existing LFSBL user has adversely affected, or may adversely affect, the security, reliability and/or resiliency of its operations or, more generally, LFSBL's reputation, brand, or goodwill, typically, if the LFSBL user is subject to sanctions (such as local users by CBSL or SLSUG or SWIFT and International Users By SWIFT sanctions).

To this end LFSBL may undertake checks on the applicant user and the LFSBL user through publicly made available information or validations with other LFSBL users. These checks may include validations on contact persons or signatory parties. LFSBL may request at any time additional information from the applicant user or LFSBL user at its sole discretion. LFSBL reserves the right to retain information on rejected applications for possible future reference.

For more information on the admission procedure and the LFSBL User categories, see the LFSBL Corporate Rules. The provision and use of LFSBL services are subject to the LFSBL General Terms and Conditions which is spelled in SLA.

Use of this ordering service is subject to the LFSBL Ordering Service - Terms and Conditions. LFSBL will process any personal data you provide according to the LFSBL Privacy Statement.

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